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Our Founders’ Vision

The future of personal finance will be based on instants and instalments. We foresee a future in which it is common to spend your regular monthly income by splitting it between various regular, scheduled payments for goods and services that improve your quality of life during an agreed time window. While some of these payments will be credit repayments. The trick is to make the instalments very easy to execute, turning them into a seamless part of everyday life.

  • October 2007 Iutecredit founded in Moldova

  • August 2008 1st Customer loan issued in Moldova

  • February 2011 10,000th client

  • October 2014 50,000th client

  • April 2015 Market entry in Albania

  • August 2016 5m+ revenues 100,000 clients

  • September 2017 Market entry in North Macedonia

  • November 2017 12m+ revenues 200,000th client

  • November 2017 Market entry in Kosovo

  • February 2019 Market entry in Bulgaria

  • May 2019 Market entry in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

  • July 2019 IuteCredit issued EUR 40m bonds 500,000th client

  • December 2019 Revocation of the licenece in Kosovo 50m+ revenues 

  • February 2020 600,000th client

  • March 2020 COVID-19 Stresstest

  • November 2020 First cardless ATM and MyIute app

  • December 2020 EUR 10mm tap issue on existing bond

  • March 2021 FT 1000 Europe’s fastest-growing company

Why invest in IuteCredit?

IuteCredit is a responsible Estonian financial technology company that offers instalment loans in the Balkans. IuteCredit is the only Estonia-based company whose bonds are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and we are working to make those bonds available in Estonia as well!