IuteCredit Finance 2021/2026

ISIN: XS2378483494

How to receive bonds to your securities account?

If the investor has subscribed and paid for bonds via iute.ee self-service, a securities transfer order must be submitted to their bank. The order must be entered in the bank where the investor’s securities account is located. The order can be entered in the bank from the value date, October 6, 2021.

In the order, you must specify the details of your counterparty (IuteCredit), the quantity, price, and value date. Based on this order, on the value date, the bonds will be transferred to the investor’s securities account.


Swedbank’s customers who have not yet made a transfer of securities today – please use the data on this page to fill in the transaction boxes, as LHV specified how they want to receive securities orders.

In which bank is my securities account located?


In menu: “Investing, saving, pension” > “Securities” > “Securities transfer”

1. Transaction – purchase

2. Quantity – number of bonds bought

3. Price of one security – 100 EUR

4. Type of settlement – free of payment/delivery versus payment (according to the transaction confirmation signed by you)

5. Counterparty’s account manager – SWEDBANK

6. Counterparty’s securities account – 22-V87171

7. Name of counterparty – AS LHV PANK KLIENDID

a. Do not check the box, as the owner of the bonds will change

8. Explanation – SD 06.10.2021

9. Transaction date – 06.10.2021

10. Value date – 08.10.2021

11.Stock exchange reference – no need to fill in

12. Client reference – no need to fill in

Check the information and submit it to the bank!

SEB Pank:

Send a letter to the bank in the e-bank, write that you want to make a securities transfer with an IuteCredit Finance bond (ISIN code XS2378483494).

After that, send the signed transaction confirmation to the bank by e-mail [email protected]

For additional help regarding banking operations please turn to your home bank.